ARMY OCP Name Tapes 100% Regulation option Velcro





Reverse American Flag Color Patch Army with Velcro


American Flag Reverse OCP Patch Army with Velcro


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Army OCP name tapes



option velcro backing

50 regulation


Army ocp name tapes

Army ocp name tapes


  • Lightened 3-Tone Pattern Color (New Regulation)
  • All nametapes meet official U.S. Military specifications.
  • Each nametape is 1-inch tall and 5-inches wide and contain up to 20 characters all of which will all be embroidered in uppercase (unless otherwise noted).
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Please double check the name you are requesting before submitting your order.
  • Please check the Return Policy, Pick up at the Kim’s #1 Sewing & Dry Cleaning


Army ocp name tapes

velcro 50

What is a Hook Fastener?

– It is the fastening system.

Which uses two sides of material. The hook portion is the rough and scratchy like side and the loop is the softer fuzzier side. When placing the two sections together, the hook and the loop fabric attach to each other creating a bond, keeping the name tape in place during any activity.


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ARMY OCP name tapes

U.S. Army Name Tapes are embroidered with black thread on an OCP tape and meet all AR670-1 requirements. Velcro tapes are 5″ by 1″ with 3/4″ lettering in compliance with AR670-1 uniform regulations and are the military standard.

In Nov of 2020 the Army switched to using the 3 color OCP Pattern as this is the current standard it is our default OCP pattern. While both 3 and 7 color are authorized for wear by the Army, Air Force, and Space Force; the 7 color has been mostly phased out and not readily available.

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