Army 108th ADA BDE Patch Full Color and Airborne Tab Sewn with Velcro



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Army 108th ADA BDE Patch 100% regulation sewing service, since 1967


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  • Full Color With Hook Fastener
  • To worn on US Army Combat Uniform
  • Genuine U.S. Government issue shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) patch
  • Certified by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Institute of Heraldry
  • Manufactured to exact U.S. Military specifications, standard size
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Please check the Return Policy, Pick up at the Kim’s #1 Sewing & Dry Cleaning


Army 108th ADA BDE Patch

Army 108th ADA BDE Patch

What is a Hook Fastener?

– It is the fastening system.

Which uses two sides of material. The hook portion is the rough and scratchy like side and the loop is the softer fuzzier side. When placing the two sections together, the hook and the loop fabric attach to each other creating a bond, keeping the name tape in place during any activity. But not so strong that the name tape (or any other patch) cannot remove as needed.




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Tymeke Lowery
Great customer service.
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Pre Miller
Awesome work, took me in last minute and I got it back the same day!!!!
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joshua love
Best sew shop in Fayetteville they will help u out
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Damien Cochrane
Excellent Customer Service , quick and affordable.
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Jordyn Santiago
Kim’s is amazing! Friendly staff and great prices. Fast turn around for military uniform items.
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Best Friends
Met Kim and Sunny. They got my Sons uniform in tip-top shape. All staff were friendly. I didn't want to leave. Miss you ladies already.
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David Shoop
Amazing and fast service! The employees are very kind and helpful.
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Garrick Scudder
These are the best ,best service and friendly
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Nicholas David
Best sewing in town! If it’s a small job, they’ll do it right there in front of you immediately. Quality of sewing is much better than anywhere else you’ll find. Their pre shaped berets are the nicest ones you’ll find anywhere, so if you need one check them out! They’ll also do odd/custom jobs that other places wouldn’t accept like sewing of equipment or civilian attire. Service is amazing and employees are extremely friendly and eager to help. Thanks for all you do!


MIL-SPEC Regulation

Army 108th ADA BDE Patch

Military specifications, or mil-spec, play a role in ensuring the quality, reliability and interoperability of products used by the military. These specifications outline the requirements, standards and guidelines contractors and suppliers must adhere to when developing, manufacturing and procuring items for military applications.
This guide aims to demystify the complexities surrounding mil-spec requirements, enabling businesses to confidently navigate the regulations and ensure compliance with the strict standards set forth by the United States Department of Defense (DOD).
Mil-spec regulations cover a broad spectrum of areas that impact military procurement, from materials and manufacturing processes to packaging and labeling. They establish the performance, safety and compatibility criteria, ensuring that products meet the military’s unique demands and operational requirements.

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